Gaining An Advantage On Competing Buyers

In episode #1 of The Keys To Real Estate Show, we talk about the 3 easiest ways to gain an advantage on competing buyers in todayโ€™s Real Estate Market. In a competitive market when sellers are in the drivers seat, buyers sometimes wonder what it takes to get a house under contract and ultimately closed. The reality is if a buyer can complete a few simple steps, they can take control back from a seller and show their strength.

Addressing their finances and knowing their buying power are the most important things potential buyers can do. Getting pre-approved with a local mortgage lender addresses most of this. When you go home shopping you should have your ducks in a row, not scrambling trying to sort out your finances.

Making your home search a priority is also very important. If a house hits the market on a Monday and you are waiting until the weekend to go see homes, GOOD LUCK! By the time you make it out to that home you really loved online, that home is long gone. Go see homes that catch your eye right away!

Coming out swinging caps off Episode #1 of the Keys to Real Estate Show. When making an offer on your dream home, it is not the time to be low balling or bargain hunting. Swing hard! Make your strongest offer from the get go and youโ€™ll be moving boxes into your new home soon enough!

If youโ€™re planning on purchasing a home soonโ€ฆ donโ€™t wonder! Contact a trusted local professional real estate agent with the resources available to game plan the biggest financial purchase of your life!

What experience do you have as a buyer in competing in a strong sellers market? Add any comments or insight in the comments section!

As always, keep sending in your questions and I’ll do my best to keep answering them!